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We're all benefiting from someone else's insights. This is your first step toward obtaining the clarity & power you'll need to bring your imagination to reality.

turn your imagination into your reality

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Lord Milan

At just 16, I broke my neck in a diving accident & doctors told me, I would never have any feeling or movement below my collarbone, EVER!

It was in that dark place that I decided to deny their reality & create my own world.

The DAY1 MINDSET became my bridge from where I was to where I desired to be.

I used it to get my Master's degree in Spanish literature, to become an author, to travel to three continents, become a business owner, a father, a husband...and to WALK AGAIN!

Now you can use it to create the world as you see fit...and become your own SUPERHERO!

DAY1 is the reason I doubled my salary in 60 days!”

Steve Johnson, IT professional

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This is strictly for people looking to ​achieve more than you could ask, ​think, or imagine. You’ll learn to ​think, speak, and perform like a ​Superhero.

  • Fully utilize your superpowers
  • Create synchronicities on demand
  • Enhance your self-identity
  • Operate with the wisdom of ​royalty
  • Become more powerful than your ​circumstances
  • Unite with other Superheros

This is your chance to escape the ​island of someday. In just weeks your ​life story will be dramatically altered ​& you will be able to carry this ​framework into every situation.

  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • See solutions all around you
  • Boost your creative power
  • Intensify your gratitude
  • Achieve higher levels of success
  • Create your own miracles

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"Superhero training has taken ​me from feelings of impossibility ​to knowing my dreams are ​inevitable."

Zack, Christian Leader

"Superhero training with Milan ​has been absolutely amazing ​because it's allowed me to ​position my mind in a place ​where I'm receptive to all things ​positive while letting go of the ​negative."

Manny, Real Estate Lender

"Because of DAY1, I’ve gained ​EVERYTHING. New outlooks, ​better self-talk, c-type goals, ​coincidences, and new fruitful ​opportunities. I feel empowered ​and ready to take on anything ​that comes my way."

Wilfredo, Real Estate Agent

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God is in the unlikely ​business means that ​greatness meets us at our ​highest level of authentic ​expectation.

It’s time to bet on yourself!

“I used to be an overthinker ​until Superhero Training ​taught me how to express ​myself with confidence.”


"After my first session, things ​have been amazing! Since we ​spoke I’ve absolutely ​accelerated!"

Adam, Financial Advisor

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“Lord Milan & ​DAY1 taught me ​the power of my ​own voice.”

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Stop waiting for someday & ​make this DAY1.

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